Well, she thinks she does anyway.
This is just a quick little post to say that I haven’t fallen off the face of the theatrical earth and that I apologise for my lack of writing. Trust me, I have had intentions to post and have lots of exciting things that I want to write about. It would seem, however, that actually doing these exciting things has taken up all of my time. In fact, I’ve only been to the theatre once* in the last fortnight (cue THIS) so I hope that you can support me during this difficult time.

*to see West Side Story on tour. The conclusion? I’m still not over it. MAMBO.

In all seriousness though, I do hope you all come back to start reading again when I get back on the horse* hopefully next week.

*which is obviously a life sized puppet with 4 actors at the helm in Ridout’s dream world.

I hope you’ve been seeing more theatre than I have, watching YouTube clips of the greats, listening to podcasts, watching ‘The Sound of Musicals’ and obsessing over this new SONDHEIM TV SHOW in my absence. Please continue to do so and let me know how you’ve been getting your fix – coffee (even Red cups) just isn’t cutting it as an addictive theatre replacement anymore.

So, I’ll see you next week then and, until then, I wish you happy ‘When in doubt, Ridout’ replacing!

BONUS: To celebrate the word ‘selfie’ being added to the dictionary, here’s a rare example of me participating in the craze. I think it captures the “What on earth has happened to all the blog posts, Ridout?” sentiment perfectly. I’m making a fool out of myself (and Sinead) to repay you for failing to post blogs on time. You’re welcome.

“You’ll hear this whispered tune…so long, fare thee well, Pip! Pip! Cheerio! We’ll be back soon”

– Rebecca Ridout